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Sistematic fungicide for a fighting with powdery mildew, blight or gray mold and apple scab

Package - 0,05 kg

Cat. №: ф25
Availability: available


Use category: 3-rd

Dose Target crop Target pest Application PHI days
0.05 % Cucumbers Erysiphe cichoracearum At first spots appearance. SI 10-14 days.SV 400 – 1000 l/ha
14 days
Black current Sphaerotheca
mors uvae
At first spots appearance. SI 10-14 days.SV 400 – 1000 l/ha
0.07 % Tomatoes Bothrytis cinerea First symptoms SI 10-14 days .SV 300-600 l/ha
0.1 % Almond Fusicladium amigdali First application right after blooming. Next 2-3 in 10-14 days interval.SV 400-1000 l/ha
Peaches Sphaerotheca panosa At first spots appearance .Next 1-2 applications at SI 10-14 days. SV 400-1000 l/ha
Tobacco Erysiphe cichoracearum
Strawberries Bothrytis cinerea Beginning, middle and end of blooming
Grapes Bothrytis cinerea First application at blooming, second at bunch setting. Third – at colour changing of grapes, fourth – before harvest, depending on PHI. SV 300-1000 l/ha
Coniferous Lophodermium spp.  
0.15 % Apples Podosphaera leucotricha Used from blooming. Coincides with th application against scab. SI 10-14 days. SV 400-1000 l/ha
Apricot Monilia laxa First at pink bud, second beginning of blooming; third after blooming.SV 300-800 l/ha
Vegetables GHP Soil pathogens – Fusarium, Rhizoctonia Applied in scheme – first application – 3 days before pricking in 3 l/m2; second -3 days before planting – 50 ml/plant; third – 10 days after planting – 200 ml/plant
2-4 g/m2 Tobacco
Thielaviopsis basicola 2 g/m2 at low infestation
4 g/m2 at high infestation
10g/ 6l water  Carnation  Fusarium spp.  10 g in 6 l water/ m2
   Forest nurseries  Fusarium, Rhizoctonia
 1.0 kg/ha  Sugar beet Erysiphe communis  At first spot appearance in the period of intensive growth of the beet.SI 10-14 days.SV 300-600 l/ha
 Erysiphe graminis  At stem elongation when the flag leaf is infected. SV 600-1000 l/ha
2.0 kg/ha Fennel Cercospora depresa At first spots appearance


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